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By: Julio Moreno (Entrance to the Olympics area: FREE to view from the outside; Birds Nest Entrance:$8-$28 (50-180 Yuan); Entrance to Water Cube: $5-$31 (30-200 Yuan))

National Stadium ( AKA: The Bird's Nest)


Visa information on entering China was covered in the Beijing Part 1 article.

(I am going to assume you already read the Beijing Part 1 article’s first paragraph and now know how to get from the airport, to your hostel and can find your way to the Beijing subway network.)

Simple “how to” [get there] quick walk though:

Find your way to the Beijing Subway Network, and get off on the Green #8 Line “Olympics Sports Center Station” (奥体中心站). You could also get off on “Olympic Green” and its closer to the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, but we suggest you get off on “Olympics Sports Center” to see everything. Take Exit C. ( A compass would be useful right about here) To your East is the Gymnasium. Walk North and you will see the Water Cube to your left, and the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) directly in front of you. Use the map below.

Beijing is quickly trying to find use for these stadiums. Currently, the Bird’s Nest is a ski resort (prices below), and the Water Cube is a recently opened water park (prices below).


The 2008 Olympics Complex, also known as the “Olympic Green” is, obviously, where the 2008 Olympics were held, the most recent ones to date. The Olympics, besides the competitions in the stadiums, is also a place were cities try to out-preform the last Olympics host. This was no exception, as Beijing tried and succeeded in out-preforming Athens, the host of the 2004 Olympics in both the opening/closing ceremonies, as well as the architectural marvels that are The National Stadium (AKA: The Bird’s Nest) and The National Aquatics Center (AKA: The Water Cube). The Complex also holds a place in history, as the place were Usain Bolt destroyed cross country records in a ridiculous 9.69 sec 100m dash, and Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian ever with 8 additional golds in Beijing including a .01 sec come from behind win in his 7th gold.

The National Aquatics Center (The Water Cube). Named for obvious reasons, even though its not a cube!


Price Brackets:

Getting into the Olympic General area: Free

National Stadium (Bird’s Nest): (9AM-6PM weekdays, 9AM-9:30PM weekends)

Tour the Inside of the Stadium: $8 (50 Yuan)

Skiing on weekdays: $13 (80 Yuan)

Skiing on weekends/holidays: $21 (140 Yuan)

Tour and skiing on Weekdays: $18 (120 Yuan)

Tour and skiing on Weekends/holidays: $28 (180 Yuan)

National Aquatics Center (The Water Cube): (9AM-7PM Mon-Thurs; 9AM-5PM Fri-Sun)

Tour of Facility: $5 (30 Yuan)

Swimming in Training pool: $8 (50 Yuan) [for every 2 Hrs, 2PM-7PM only Tues-Sun]

Admission to Waterpark: $30/$25 (200 Yuan/160 Yuan) [adults/children 1.2-1.4 meters tall]

Combined Stadiums Tour: $21 (140 Yuan)

You can tour both stadiums, plus the Center of performing Arts, and the CCTV tower. This only includes the entrance to the areas, not the skiing or the water park/swimming.

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Lodging/Airplane/Visa info/Maps:

All of this info is found in our Beijing Part 1 section.


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